Individual Sessions

The goal is for you to be able to function well, regardless of any underlying structural problem, and for your mind and all your body’s parts to find a new integrated way of functioning together. To learn how to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength, but through increased consciousness of how movement works.

You lie fully clothed usually on a padded table with bolsters as seen in the video.

You will not be asked to move into pain or discomfort.

The Feldenkrais method uses gentle, informative touch to allow your brain and body to find ease and efficiency in movement.

Session are no longer than 60 mins in duration.

NB: This is me receiving a Functional Integration lesson, the practitioner is Gerald Sullivan from Quantum-Shift, Sunshine Coast, Australia. I had just return from trekking in Nepal, carrying a backpack around the Himalayas for 25 days, I was not in pain but I knew I was still ‘bracing myself’ through my torso as if I was still restricted to the backpack.  This 2 min sequence occurred during the second half of the lesson.

The National Institute of Integrative Medicine

Ground Level. 1/328 Scottsdale drive, Varsity Lakes.

Clinic Days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Home visits available by appointment.

Phone 0405 543 424 to book a lesson today

Emily Anderson
Feldenkrais Practitioner (MFG)
Occupational Therapist (AHPRA registered)
Medicare approved Allied Health Provider – Enhanced Primary Care Scheme.

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