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Are you satisfied with your posture?

Are you satisfied with your breathing?

Are you satisfied with your life? 

Would you like a body that is organised to move in a way that feels pleasurable. Come to a class to see how you can find an ease and flow in your body to make movement enjoyable again. A freedom of movement that makes it safe for you to bend, turn, reach, walk up hills, sit in the car for extended periods and live fully once again.

You will feel taller, lighter, you will breathe better and have a sense of euphoria which you may have never known before. Your entire intentional cortex will work with such a quality of self direction as you always felt it could.

Imagine now that you learn to differentiate and re-pattern most of yourself, that is, most of your activity. Your intentional cortex will lose all compulsive patterns and with no alternatives and you will find yourself actually acting in many new ways. To facilitate this task, classes will begin by lying down on the floor or Feldenkrais tables (if you can’t get to the floor).

When the pressure distribution on the soles of the feet is removed, as when lying, the intentional cortex is freed from the standing pattern all through the body.
This may be the first time in your life that new alternative patterns can be formed in the cortex connections and affect the performance of your self.
This kind of learning, such as you will achieve if you try and follow me is also the kind of learning produced by Awareness through Movement Lessons where the accent is put not on which movement you deal with but on how you direct yourself doing it.

Come and see for yourself.

Tuesdays @ 10.30 am

3/328 Scottsdale Drive, Robina (building next to the downstairs cafe)

Cost $15

Bring a mat to towel to lie on and wear loose comfortable clothing.

All abilities and ages are welcomed!

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