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Hello I'm Emily!

I am the face behind Feldenkrais Nature, it’s lovely to meet you!

Thank you for stopping by my page, you must be wanting to improve the quality of your life or maybe someone that you love  –

“To make the impossible possible, the and the easy elegant.’

As a connected community of human beings our lives and futures will be determined by how we love and empower each other.

My mission is to use this hands-on work to allow people to become more aware and present, more connected and to empower their bodies with the conditions necessary for the optimal functioning of their spirit in this physical form.

Moshe Feldenkrais the founder of the method asked these three questions at the beginning of his first book –

Are you satisfied with your posture?

Are you satisfied with your breathing?

Are you satisfied with your life?

“You may learn to make your life more as you wish it to be; your dreams could become more precise and, who knows, they may even come true.”  Moshe Feldekrais.

Feldenkrais Nature was founded on the belief that through movement we have the capacity to reconnect our nervous system to it’s innate wisdom.

Re-wiring and creating new neural pathways through neuroplasticity to find ease, co-ordination and pleasure in life, to live more complete, passionate, creative and satisfying lives.

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