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No class tomorrow unfortunately folks
My flight has been cancelled !!
Ill be in touch about a timetable for next week.
I have just been in a 3 day Feldenkrais Training intensive with Jeff Haller and am so excited to bring you the work... starting next week.
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Audrey WillmottI love the advanced training...not the fact your flight is cancelled...6 days ago

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Starting to welcome back all the little ones for 2017. They have grown and are all doing so well.
This was footage from last year at my old studio but inspired to start documenting therapy more.

In this lesson Alby has learnt how to engage a flexion pattern (curling forward) to raise his legs and initiate rolling rather than using the total body arching pattern to roll. This frees his eyes to track and his upper body to reach for the toy.
Supported kneeling - (over my leg and on roller) - supporting his legs in this position with a stable base to inhibit arching and thrusting forward. Looking to maintain head lift balanced between lift and chin tuck. Increasing arm strength through propping on elbows and hands.
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Setting them up to learn each skill, help them explore how everything connects, wait for them to put it all together. In this lesson Alby has learnt how to e...

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DonnaRose McAneneyso lovely to watch4 weeks ago

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Organising an ATM for tomorrow... have to love the language Ruthy Alon uses at end of lesson "Shoulders - Grammer of Spontaneity.

Begin slowly to walk
Moving the rhythm your body now chooses.
Back is taller and lighter, at ease. Keep moving around slowly, this way of walking is diff from your usual. what kind of personality do you attach to this walk?
And How do you feel about it?
What parts of this are you willing to accept?
Can you be comfortable?
Every change in posture is a change in our attitude towards ourselves relating to the world.
Feel are you willing to give up your usual attitude that is linked with your usual posture.
Go back to your habitual way of holding and walking and then come back to the new place your body learnt this lesson, back and forth several times, try and master the change.
The change is just a suggestion, a taste, it is not permanent, the old habits are much stronger even if this is more pleasant.
You want to have the choice to recreate it in the future if you would like to.
So take the time to see the specific details, describe them to yourself and give your system the chance to consider the contribution it can make to your aliveness
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