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The Movement Revolution

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Where did you lose the compass to your well-being?

Somewhere along the path to maturity, your instinct became blunted and lost its beneficial orientation.
Was it in those classroom chairs, against which, after a while, you stopped trying to revolt, that suppressed your instinct to move? Or did you give up moving around, believing you would be considered a good child if you stopped wriggling about? Did you lose your resourcefulness for organic coordination through being taught to obey or imitate ‘the correct movements’ as demonstrated by those physical education authorities? or perhaps your resourcefulness didn’t have the chance to develop in the monotonous challenges of physical performance and endurance that conventional gymnastics required of you.

Did you lose your grace and ease when your social status - and your self appreciation - depended on how many times you succeeded in repeating arbitrary straight lines, exercises that shocked your system while forcing you to ignore the protest from within?

Or perhaps you no longer sought opportunities to move, since movement became linked with the motivation of competition, leaving you with a bitter taste of frustration when you lost a race in spite of your sincere efforts, or worse still, won and felt alone in your victory.

Mindful Spontaneity
Ruthy Alon
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Chris YoungOMG that is brilliant1 day ago   ·  1
Chris YoungI think I might need to get that book. Ruthy is so inspiring. She is my image or growing older.......I did think I might be able to perform circus by my 50th but time is running out so focussing on the long term plan of moving gracefully by my 80's ; )1 day ago

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My Feldenkrais Retreat Goat Island - May 2013 Music Asaf Avidn - Different Pulses

Road tripping to Mullumbimby a few weeks back pondering if starting my own business was the next step... Message from the universe
'Feldenkrais is the Answer'

Thank you Tahnee Woolf
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DonnaRose McAneneyYES - be in the Business of supporting others to find their answers3 weeks ago   ·  1

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