The Movement Revolution ... Gold Coast, Australia.

Best video I have seen all year.
How we can touch and connect, provide strength and support each other to greater heights... and yes transcend.
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An unreleased music video for Ludovico Einaudi's track "ABC" from his 2015 album "Elements". Produced in October 2015 over 6 weeks, the…

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Moshe, Lower back ease Lesson, "Tonight we are going to do a funny thing, we are going to imitate when babies are born. They can flex all their muscles, these are the first muscles you learnt how to use... why some people say they are overused" ... See MoreSee Less

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If you are looking to work with babies and young ones this is the most informative book.
So comprehensive.
Stunning pictures throughout.

This manual allows the user to detect the development of different motor skills during the first year of life and shows how specific motor components build the foundation for babies to achieve developmental milestones. ... Google Books
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