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Little wins.. . Hydrotherapy pool all to ourselves. I find after a land program (usually 6 weeks) to reduce pain its lovely to find/integrate kinematic linkage in water and then transition back to land for the biggest gains in posture and movement ... todays wins !!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Shaun AndersonYou have worked wonders in that pool......6 days ago

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World Down Syndrome Day
I have decided to make it Down Syndrome Awareness Week
Sharing some of the love I get to enjoy each week during therapy.
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Andrea HennenBeautiful contact and work! 💖7 days ago   ·  1
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A perfect post from one of the mothers I see for World Down Syndrome Day with Em Carey

Hey world! Happy World Down Syndrome Day !!
Here are some fun facts 😉about our Holly Blossom

* Down syndrome (trisomy 21) is a chromosome disorder that happens at conception . It's not a disease & she does not "suffer" from it . I always see this in the media "suffering from Down syndrome" 😫

* no she's not always happy 😂.. spend a day with us and I'll guarantee you'll understand. She has regular emotions /moods/tantrums like all kids.

* all kids with Down syndrome have their own personalities. They're individuals and share many traits with their parents and siblings .. ie yes Holly has the stereotype traits that she loves to dance, is social & affectionate but hey I'd say all those qualities about her bro too!

* Holly loves to be included . Although she can't always express what she wants or how she feels.. she always understands and knows when she's being left out.

* Down syndrome is an extra copy of chromosome 21 (hence trisomy 21) .. you either have it or you don't . In T21, there's no ranking .. ie "she has it a little bit" or "is she high functioning" etc.. there's no "scale". I find this one frustrating with people often wanting a gauge of what she will be able or won't be able to do.. Hey she's just Holly , a little girl.. we don't give typical kids so much interrogation about their abilities (ie no one ever asks me.. "but do you think jarrah will get into uni/become a pilot/get married?" Etc) my point is no one knows .. let's just let the future unfold shall we ?!

Each and every day I am so thankful and I consider myself so very lucky to be the mother of both my children. I wouldn't want them any other way !

Happy world Down syndrome day ! ❤️❤️
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Which knee/foot relationship do you think causes discomfort? ... See MoreSee Less

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