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Classes start tomorrow
Feldenkrais Classes starting tomorrow
Wednesday 10am
328 Scottsdale Drive Varsity Lakes
All welcome
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Sit quietly and ask yourself what you need to be well – more balance; more rest; more relaxation; more stimulation; more fun and laughter; more exercise? And whatever you need, find a way of incorporating it into your life.

Do you believe it’s possible to be fit, flexible and strong as a more mature individual?
Do you believe happiness happens to other people, not you?
Or that you are a depressed person – that’s just your type?

Why not believe that you are inherently a very well person?
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The idea that our thoughts can fundamentally alter our pain is powerful stuff – it’s just about as far away from the out of date notions of ‘pain receptors’ ...

In 2007, a woman named Amanda Baggs posted an extraordinary video to Youtube called " In my Language". At first the camera follows Baggs - who finds using spoken language difficult but can type 120 words a minute- as she presses her face into a book, rubs her fingers across a keyboard, flaps her hands and hums to herself. A clinician would likely say she is exhibiting self-stimulating behaviour, one of the classic sign of autism. But in the second part of the video a translation Baggs makes clear that she is celebrating the joy of her existence on her own terms.

"My language is not about designing words or even symbols for people to interpret," she explains. "it is being in a constant conversation with every aspect of my environment, reacting physically to al parts of my surrounds. Far from being purposeless, the way I move is an ongoing response to what is around me."
Her words are articulated by a text-to-speech program,
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The first part is in my "native language," and then the second part provides a translation, or at least an explanation. This is not a look-at-the-autie gawki...

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Angela Lee-FosterI worked for many years with people with alternative ways of communication and interaction. This video resonates with my understanding and experience. Thank you for posting.2 weeks ago   ·  2

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Are you looking for a thought provoking book to read over the break. Not a boring reference book .. from the first chapter on losing biceps for brains and posing the overall question are we happier than our hunter gatherer brothers and sisters?
How did we come to believe in gods, nations and human rights; to trust money, books and laws; and to be enslaved by bureaucracy, timetables and consumerism? And what will our world be like in the millennia to come?
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Its so amazing to be able to share in peoples journeys, such inner strength. Maria has been with me for an intensive three weeks of therapy following surgery for severe scoliosis (combined anterior left thoraco-abdominal approach + release T10-L3 + posterior scoliosis correction T4 - pelvis).

She laughs and says she has gone from standing like a 'banana prawn' (not even being able to use a walker as she would fall over sideways) to now finding a midline and feeling 'straight' . We had three sessions a week (2 FIs and 1 hydro) hours of therapy - the video was her absolute favourite 'I feel pain free'...
but do you know what she found the most helpful.... the technique of drawing lines as described in 'The Case of Nora' Moshe Feldenkrais
What i found most helpful was Scoliosis protocols happening in America


Thank-you Maria for you have taught me alot also. Blessings to your future
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