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Habitually improper posture is not as simple as it may appear to some who think it can be remedied by substituting a better posture for the existing one. In reality, faulty distribution of tone is due to faulty volition in the first place. The conscious control is overriding, and the tonic pattern becomes distorted in the long run. The over worked centers fatigue, and the inhibited one suffer from dystrophy, the whole spatial body image is distorted. The body sensation is found unreliable and is compensated for by an increased use of the eyes to supplement and correct the faulty muscular account of the body state in space.
A second increased appeal is made to voluntary control and attention. every action now needs a considerable time of thinking out and preparing for...Constant unwavering attention is difficult to maintain for long periods, hence a permanent sensation of tiredness, irritability and justified apprehension of failure in all sudden and unpremeditated action.
The Potent Self (pg 89-90)
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Happy Birthday Riley,
4 years old and progressing so well,
such a pleasure to have you here.
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Lovely line from AY #351 Swinging the legs on the Side.
"To the degree that you are able to distinguish what is possible to do comfortably, to the same degree, the range of movement will increase."
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Lunch time break in the tea room ;)
I love working for myself, I love my job, I love the space, I love the Method, I love the feeling, I love the people.
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